Snagit App Reviews

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Great App!

Great App! Thx for fixing the non-US locale bug and thx to snag-it support team for helping me ! The best screenshot app Ive never tried

full of features with good ergonomy

what I was looking for : saving time and having an easier snap-shooting organization : both objectives are achieved and beyond expectations it is expensive but really worth the price if you begin to look for such a tool

Very good, but with some bugs, although the high price!

The software is good, but this version (2.1.7) has a bug when you click in “setup” in perpective button.

Great and functional, but… With some annoying Y’s.

I love the way it operates! The app is really functional and lets me do stuff I’ve being trying to do for a few time now… I enjoy the way its main buttons stay hidden in the screen with only a clean tab I can summon whenever I like. I also like being able to choose between system’s audio and microphone, so I can record a small part of my screen while using the rest of it without ruining the recording with typing, clicking, noises in the office et cætera (without changing the sound output channel, of course - as soundflower would make me). Unfortunately, there’s a “but”… Y 1, Pricy -The app is really pricy. There’s no doubt. Which is relatively fine, since we have to agree with the price tag in order to buy it. Y 2 - Laggy - Even though it finishes the job, the app always freezes when I ask it to cut an unsaved project. It makes me wait for a while to see the results. Y 3 - Drainy - When it does freeze, a lot of ram is sucked and the computer gets really slow. This is the worst part for me. Y 4 - Crashy - Despite being rare, crashes have occurred while operating and the app mysteriously closed a few times, making me lose a lot of progress in two projects. Overall, my opinion is that the app is really good. I just hope the developers fix this issues to enhance the experience, allowing us to extract the most of it. :) UPDATE: It is crashing A LOT lately. I recorded a video, then, after pausing for a few seconds, I was about to continue recording, the recording menu disappeared and nothing wa saved. It is the 5th time this happens and it’s making me really mad about it, because I waste hours of work with this kind of issue.

Best workflow among screenshot applications

As a Web Developer and Tech Support person I make at least 50 screenshots a day. I have tried out dozens of screenshot applications. Look & Feel: As an oldskool avid Mac user I dont like the GUI of Snagit. I prefer the looks of SnapzPro and LittleSnapper. Workflow: Snagit saves me seconds per screenshot. Meaning precious minutes a day. Annotation: Nice, personally I think a lot of overkill on options, probably because of its Windows fan base ;) LittleSnapper definitely has more slick looking annotation. However, Snagit is highly configurable, therefor it is not hard to come close to LittleSnappers annotation look & feel. Video: Never used it, personal preference for this is ScreenFlow. Nothing can beat that for a Mac. Conclusion: The workflow of Snagit makes Snagit a winner for me.

Great program

I use this program all the time. It allows me to be extremely creative with pictures and banners. I highly recommend it.

simply luv it

very easy to use, flexibility to add call up intonation and other cool stuff, ability to do some video recording

One of the best!

This is definately a tool in my daily life to capture and document. I cannot live without it! Easy to use and stable. A must to have!!!

A Good One

One of those great apps that takes its place in your everyday tool box. Practical and useful.

A must have

There’s no screen grabber anywhere that compares with SnagIt — we use it to make manuals, QA reports, quick demo videos — it’s the best.

Great Screen Capture tool

Capture is straight forward; workflow is very good. Hard to beat this app!


Tres efficace pour beaucoup de documents Very versatile product

It’s Good!

It does what it says it does in a simple, straightforward manner. No bugs, lots of features. It came recommended to me and I’ve been using it for years.

Mac App Storeのバージョンが上がってない

Techsmithから購入したバージョンも持っていて、自宅用にMac App Storeで買った後にバージョンが上がってない事に気がついた…。 番号のスタンプ機能が気に入っていて、バージョンアップするまで待つしか無いですかね。 ちょっと高いけど、便利なソフトなんですけどね〜。

Does not work on Retina Macbook

Please fix! It does not work on the new Retina Macbook! I paid a lot of money for the software and it does not wok!

Life Changing

I love it. It is so easy too capture exactly what you are trying to get off your screen and then able to mark what you are talking about. I then can grab the picture and drag it to iMessage and text the picture. Get it, you wont be sorry.

Worth $50

Excellent application. Best features are automatic downsizing for retina screenshots (money!), ease of annotating and resizing images. Better than other “budget" alternatives out there. After wasting my time on those, I decided to pony up the cash and get this. Oh yeah, it does amazing video captures as well!!! Can’t go wrong with this one.

NO Polygon!

Don’t buy this app if you want to use a polygon in Editing. They removed this feature. I contacted support, they ignored me. Overpriced without the older features from their windows platform. There are free and less-expensive that do just as much. ADD THE POLYGON FEATURE!

It’s ok

Nothing to rave review about. Needs work. Purchased it for the screen recording, nothing to brag about.Was expecting more for the $40 spent. There are other comprable solutions out there for less money. If I knew then what I know now, I would pass on this app.

Great utility

Works great for capturing images anywhere on screen.